Eyelash Extensions! ^_^

Pregnancy makes me do all these silly “beautifying”/”pamper myself” things. I remember the last time I wanted to do something drastic like sign on a facial package that could potentially cost me a few thousand dollars, was when I was pregnant with Lauren. #pregnancymakesmedostupidthings

This 2nd time around, was no different – except I was itching for an eyelash extension. Luckily, little damage to the wallet was done. 🙂


Above: Before eyelash extension 


After eyelash extension done at Carragheen. 

In both shots, I had no eye make-up on – only my tinted sunscreen and drew my eyebrows on.

I must say it looks not bad – let’s review it again after 2 weeks when I’m scheduled to go back for a touch-up.

One thought on “Eyelash Extensions! ^_^

  1. In a followup of my review of Caragheen eyelashes, the touch-up went great. Everyone gets different mileage out of eyelash extensions. A fresh set allows me approx. 3 weeks and my touch-up allows another 2 – 3 weeks.

    Their service is prompt, good, and professional.

    The only bad thing is: after the removal of the extensions, the therapist told me that my eyelids were quite dry. So I had to start applying eye serum, which before this, I had never ever used eye serums before. My eye lashes seem to be intact – I bought a small tube of eye lash serum from them ($49.90) to apply 2x a day until my next appointment (which I have not yet booked for).

    The therapist said that my eyelids are dry possibly due to pregnancy hormones. That could be true or it might also be the glue that Caragheen uses to attach the extensions to my own eyelash.

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