Yan Ting Restaurant, St Regis Singapore

When my mom comes to visit us, I like to bring her to dim sum restaurants and eat our hearts out. During her recent trip back to Singapore in November, I wanted to bring her somewhere new; apart from the usual Chinese restaurants we frequent. I started googling for chinese restaurants with a nice dim sum menu and any with good reviews. There were several names that came up, such as Wah Lok at Carlton Hotel and Royal China at Raffles Hotel. Then I stumbled upon Yanting at St. Regis. All three had their fair share of mixed reviews, but Yanting had more positive reviews than negative ones.

So we decided to give it a try. And I must say, it is now one of our favourite haunts!


Above: Under Appetizer, this is shrimp wrapped in longan with wasabi mayo. 


Above: The restaurant’s take on fried shrimp wanton. 


Above: Siew Mai with Truffle 🙂


Above: Dessert – Vanilla Icecream with jelly in coconut. This was amazing – one of the best desserts, IMHO 🙂

Clearly, that was not all we had, but I did not take all the photos of each dish as I was too busy eating!

Forget about the decor of the restaurant (though I have to say it is definitely not shabby – well, what do you expect? it’s in St Regis.), the food is enough to lure you back here for second helpings.

We love the food there because it is not only tasty, but there is “refine-ness” to its plating, food decor and the taste. Very nice!

P.S: They do not serve shark’s fin on their menu. ^_^

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